CNC Machine Repair

Specializing in CNC Machine Tool Diagnostics and Repair

Hammerlund Machine Tool specializes in CNC repairs for machines including; Okuma, Chiron, American Way, Boston Digital, Tree, Leadwell, Okada, Amada, Deawoo, Kia, Mori Seki, Matsura, Dynamite, Takasawa, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Kitagawa, Kira, Kitako, Haas, Cincinatti- Milicron, Wells Index, Pratt Whitney, Accroloc, Bridgeport, Numora, Mazak and virtually all others.

Additionally, we have years of experience troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining CNC Machines of most brands.  We also provide ballbar diagnostics and laser calibration and certification for ISO standards.

We also repair bar feeders such as SMW, LNS, Grindley, Hydromat and indexers such as SMW, Haas and Yaskawa.

All services are insured in excess of 3 Million.

CNC Machine Repair (Most Brands)

CNC Machine Repair

CNC Machine Preventative Maintenance

Ballbar Diagnostics

Laser Calibration

It’s a pleasure to service your CNC equipment. Our shop and travel rates are competitive and economical. We travel when and as needed, and strive to provide very quick response times. Call for pricing, quotes, service requests and with any questions:

Anne Ludgate
1-612-282-5184 or 1-952-935-3454

CNC Machine Repair

Our goal is to minimize any downtime and maximize efficiency of your CNC Machines by using only trained and certified CNC machine repair technicians and by offering rush/emergency machine repairs.

CNC Machine Calibration

Our goal of CNC machine calibration, using laser calibration and verification, is to minimize any measurement uncertainty by ensuring the accuracy of the CNC machine using test equipment (laser calibration).


Every Three Months or 500 Hours

  • Check and grease the chain on the chip conveyor
  • Check and clean the filters on the coolant tank

Every Six Months or 1000 Hours

  • Have the coolant tank cleaned of sludge, chips, and oil
  • Have the chuck and jaws taken off the machine and cleaned
  • Have the hydraulic tank drained and replace the hydraulic oil with fresh hydraulic oil also have the line filter and suction filter changed
  • Have the radiator cleaned and make sure the radiator fins are straight
  • Have the lubrication unit drained and cleaned out – then add fresh way lube
    If your machine is equipped with a cooling unit, have the unit drained and refilled
  • Have the leveling of your machine checked and adjust if necessary
  • Have all way wipers inspected for any damage – clean and replace any wipers that are damaged

Once a Year or Every 2000 Hours

  • Have the headstock checked for taper
  • Have the spindle checked for radial and end play
  • Have the chuck cylinder checked for run out
  • Have the tailstock checked for taper
  • Have the turret parallelism and inclination checked
  • Run a backlash program to check the backlash in X and Z axis and adjust if necessary
  • Check the X and Z axis gibs and adjust if necessary